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HR Philosophy

We believe that people are the most valuable asset for any organization. Using appropriate performance management, we constantly keep rewarding our employees for their achievements & their contribution to the growth of the organization. Since a substantial part of the time of employees is invested in the organization, we are always concerned to make the work place an interesting, pleasant and also an enjoyable place to work. We believe in nurturing talents with cultural ethics in a disciplined environment. Our Endeavour is to build an organizational culture characterized by the following aspects:

  • Respect for Individuals
  • Integrity in all dealing
  • Fairness in treatment
  • Professionalism and non political environment
  • Work culture of performance and Excellence
Our Value
  • Customer Focus: Our Company's strategies are driven by the needs of the customer. Our success can be measured by the satisfaction achieved by our customer.
  • Excellence: We accord a high premium to maintaining superlative standards throughout our Company. We encourage our employees to come up with smarter ideas within the fastest possible time.
  • Creativity: Key to our value system is innovation and originality. We recognize and have a high regard for individual expression and creative freedom in our quest to provide customer satisfaction.
  • Integrity: We observe strict ethical standards through editorial independence and creative expression, in order to earn the trust of our viewers and subscribers.
  • Growth Driven: We are committed to delivering consistent revenue and cash flow growth in order to provide our shareholders a good return. Our objective is to grow our people, market and businesses in Uttar Pradesh.
Working Culture at Sea TV

We have an energetic and open workplace environment. Energetic and full of enthusiasm, we enjoy our day (and night) at work. We have a dedicated team of employees who work for the growth of the organization.

  • Innovation: Sea TV Ltd. promotes innovative practices and stimulates groundbreaking research and learning to help inform and set the trend for the market.
  • Flexibility: As the need of the customers often evolved quickly over time, Sea TV had to respond and adapt swiftly to emerging cut throat competition. Thanks to its flexible nature and its light decision making structure Sea TV was able to adapt its work plan and set of activities when needed.
  • Informality: Sea TV was perceived by its partners as an informal space where different people could exchange information, assess their own institution performance, and discuss innovative and often controversial ideas aiming at an open and though-provoking debate.
  • Inclusiveness: Addressing the challenges to implement effective risk reduction measures often requires the involvement of a broad range of actors, including policy-makers, local governments, civil society, the private sector, researchers and others.
  • Independence: Sea TV provided a space for addressing key issues in an independent and autonomous manner, balancing the needs and interests of a wide variety of customers.
Recruitment Policy

We recognize that the company success depends upon the caliber of its people. We want to enable all our employees to reach their potential in so far as this is possible within the objectives of Sea TV Pvt. Ltd., to the mutual benefits of the individuals & the organization.

Our recruitment policy therefore is to identify clearly the role and responsibilities of each job and its contribution to the business as a whole, being flexible where possible in our working practices in order to attract and retain a high caliber of employee. To ensure that we integrate our staff development program with the needs of the business wherever possible we will offers to our deserving candidates.

  • To streamline the Recruitment process
  • To ensure that we always hire the RIGHT people at RIGHT role at RIGHT time
  • Also to thrive a strong Employer Branding to attract the best talents available in the Industry
Career Opportunities

With a rapidly growing economy and a dream run for a good job ... Great career OPPORTUNITIES are waiting for talented, self-motivated and energetic professionals.

The abundant work functions provide the platform for the organization to offer challenging yet fulfilling profiles for aspirants in the following domains:

  • Programming
  • Creative, Production and Promos
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Finance
  • Events
Apply Online

To apply in any of the above domains, click here.

For further details you can contact us on:
148, Manas Nagar
Shahganj, Agra ‑ 282010
Phone: 0562-4036666
Email Id: hrmanager@seatvnetwork.com

Our Local Channels

Sea Thumka is basically a channel based on folk culture of different Indian states. The content shown on this channel is intended to promote and popularize regional songs & movies of varied parts of the country.

Sea Wave is one of the eight free-to-air channels of Sea TV Network Ltd, which offers sufficient dose of entertainment to its viewers. On Sea Wave, one day is dedicated to one particular actor and a total of four movies of his/her are telecast on that day.

It aims to quench spiritual thirst of the viewers. Famous devotional songs sung by known singers and religious serials are shown on this channel. The bhajans played on the channel is dedicated to the god/goddess that particular day belongs to.

Sea TV, one among free-to-air channel of Sea TV Network Ltd, is a movie channel on which all recent & hit movies are shown. If one misses the movie in theatre, he could watch it on Sea TV very soon after the release. One could also feel Hollywood actions on this channel.

This channel aims to serve the segment of viewers which are fond of mid-80s & 90s movies. On this channel, one could get to watch the movies which are out of theatre now. So, watch it on Sea Theatre.

As the name reflects, Sea Music is dedicated to all time favorite songs of Indian Cinema, whether it’s new or old. People fond of listening to music must tune to Sea Music.

As the name suggests, Sea Urdu is dedicated to Muslim community. All the contents of this channel are in Urdu and aim to fulfill requirement of the community.

Like other free-to-air channels, Sea Jhankar too caters to one particular segment of the viewers. This channel is for the people who love classical, retro and melodious songs. The content of this channel is songs of old and bygone era.

Sea News-Agra boasts of 9-year-long span of commitment, dedication and service to aam aadmi. Sea News-Agra has been catering to the inhabitants of Agra and its adjoining areas by presenting each & every news related to them in a transparent and very effective fashion. Politics, business, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, social, culture and whatsoever… Sea-News-Agra has been offering a complete package of information & news to its viewers with analytical outlook.
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